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We are a global network of organizations comprised of people who lost loved ones to, or were directly affected by war, nuclear weapons, terrorism, genocide, organized crime, and political violence.
We work together to break the cycles of violence and revenge, and are committed to honoring the memories of the victims and to the dignity of the survivors.
Our task is to turn our grief and loss into action for peace.

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Open letter

Flag-waving Insufficient Response to Tragedy

Nancy Meyer - Peaceful Tomorrows
Thursday 19 September 2013
My little brother’s wife, Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, died on United Airlines Flight 93 when it crashed in a Pennsylvania field on September 11, 2001. When I see photos of the memorial erected there, I am pleased that it is not festooned with a really big US flag, or dozens of small ones. I’ve always felt that the flag-waving response to September 11 is wrongheaded and shallow. I realize it was an attack on our country and the flags are well-meant attempts to display unity. But our self-absorbed knee-jerk nationalism is part of the problem that made some people hate us enough to conduct the September 11 attacks. It annoys me that people don’t seem to get that irony, and believe that buying and waving a flag (which was probably made in China) is a sufficient commemoration. Perhaps (...) continue


We Oppose Military Attack on Syria and Demand Peaceful Solution of the Problem

Yasui Masakazu, Secretary General, Japan Council against A and H Bombs
Wednesday 11 September 2013
Japan Council against A and H Bombs issued a statement on September 3, 2013 opposing military intervention in Syria and calling for peaceful solution of the problem The Obama Administration is planning to attack Syria on a unilateral assumption that Al-Assad Administration has used chemical weapons against opposition forces. The use of chemical weapons is a violation of international law, a sin against humanity, which cannot be accepted for any reason whatsoever. International community should work together to eliminate them. The role of investigating into the facts and taking necessary steps, however, is the role to be assumed by the United Nations and its Security Council. In fact, the U.N. has sent an investigation team to Syria and is now working on it. To resort to military (...) continue

Interview with Terry Kay Rockefeller

Sister of 9/11 Victim Urges Nonviolent Response to Boston Marathon Bombing

Between The Lines - Radio Newsmagazine
Saturday 6 July 2013
Posted April 24, 2013 Interview with Terry Kay Rockefeller, documentary film producer and sister of 9/11 victim, conducted by Scott Harris Between The Lines - Radio Newsmagazine The violence and fear that gripped Boston with the bombing of the city’s annual marathon and the subsequent manhunt that tracked down the two suspects in the case, has given way to a familiar national debate on terrorism and its causes. One of the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police on April 18, while his younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured hiding in a boat in the Boston suburb of Watertown. Investigators who have questioned Dzhokhar in his hospital bed say a picture is emerging of the bomb plot planned by the older brother, recently steeped in radical Islam, without (...) continue

The F Word exhibition

Forgiveness Project goes to Africa

Marina Cantacuzino
Sunday 8 September 2013
"The F Word" exhibition has been made for Kenya in preparation for the up-and-coming elections (which caused so much violence and bloodshed last time). The exhibition launched last week in Nairobi. Albie Sachs - the anti-apartheid campaigner who lost his right arm and was blinded in his left eye by a car bomb in 1988 - couldn’t attend but wrote a statement which he asked to be read out. It said: "I wish I could be present at the launch. It is an excellent project. We called the peaceful transition in South Africa from the vicious system of apartheid to a constitutional democracy a miracle. It was like a miracle, but wasn’t a miracle. It became possible because millions and millions of African people, despite their hardship, or perhaps because of their hardship, had never lost the deep (...) continue

Marche to close Guantanamo in Washington DC Jan 11

Guantanamo after 11 Years

Terry Rockefeller - September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Tuesday 18 June 2013
Three members of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows marched to close Guantanamo in Washington DC Jan 11. This is the speech Terry Rockefeller gave. On September 11th 2001, my sister Laura was helping to run a seminar on information technology. When the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center, Laura was on the 106th floor. Today, more than 11 years after Laura’s murder, there is still no justice for 9/11 victims and their families. The prison at Guantanamo and all it represents has never furthered this goal. Instead, torture, indefinite detention, and the failure to transfer inmates approved for release have made Guantanamo a powerful symbol of lawlessness; while the Military Tribunals in which the men accused of the 9/11 attacks are currently being (...) continue

Spiegel Online

Military Justice: Secrecy Shrouds Guantanamo Hearings

By Mathieu von Rohr in Guantanamo
Saturday 7 September 2013
The biggest terrorism trial in American history has yet to begin, but many are already questioning whether it can approach fairness. Aggressive surveillance tactics, an ongoing detainee hunger strike and questions about the future of the camp are overshadowing ongoing pre-trial hearings. Ramzi Binalshibh is singing. It is Monday of last week, and Binalshibh, one of the men charged with the murder of 2,973 people on Sept. 11, 2001, is standing in Courtroom No. 2, a neon-lit room with no windows to the outside world, at the US military base in Guantanamo, Cuba. He places both hands on his head and begins to pray. Binalshibh, 41, has a long beard and drooping eyelids, and he is wearing a camouflage vest over his white robe. His singing is barely audible in the visitors’ gallery, on the (...) continue


David Hartsough interviewed

Talk Nation Radio | 12-25-2012
Friday 4 January 2013
David Hartsough has been a peace activist since the 1950s, a conscientious objector, a civil disobedient, arrested over 100 times. In 2002 he cofounded the Nonviolent Peace Force ( Hartsough is the executive director of Peace Workers ( He discusses the current status of war and peace in our culture. Total run time: 29:00 Host: David Swanson. Producer: David Swanson. Engineer: Christiane Brown. Music by Duke Ellington. Download or get embed code from Archive or AudioPort or LetsTryDemocracy. Syndicated by Pacifica Network. continue

Tragedy strikes Newtown

Guns are only a part of the problem

Andrea LeBlanc
Sunday 16 December 2012
Yesterday’s tragedy strikes at our hearts and leaves us - again - shattered with pain for the shear needlessness of it. There are no words that will assuage the victims’ families grief. The wounds will remain. It will take a very long time to know how to hold the sadness and the rage and also, eventually, learn to go on living with the loss. We struggle to understand what happened out of our need for an explanation of what has violated all sense of rightness. We need to understand that the gunman and his family are victims too. Perhaps victims of the society we have responsibility for. This tragedy did not come out of nowhere. We need to frame our thoughts as we go forward around the the fact that guns are an expression of the violence we as a culture condone. We do not want (...) continue

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