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Marcia Scantlebury Elizalde

Saturday 12 July 2008

In 1975, during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, Marcia Scantlebury was arrested and tortured. She was in various concentration camps and I was a member of the direction of female political prisoners of Chile. In 1976, she went into exile to Colombia.

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Marcia Scantlebury

She returned to Chile in 1987, where she started to work as Direction Assistant in the magazine Análisis, a vehicle of resistance to the dictatorship. Afterwards, she became a member of the international press team of Concentración (opposition coalition) for the plebiscite and afterwards worked in the campaign that brought Patricio Aylwin to the Presidency in the democratic transition. In 1994, she worked as Press Chief in the candidacy for the Presidency of the then Minister of Education, currently ex president, Ricardo Lagos. When he lost the primary elections of the Concentración she started to work in the press board of Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle, candidate and later president.

After being the Press Manager during the transition period of the Presidential Mandate, she was appointed Director of Culture by the First Head of the State. she managed this unit, which is the highest in the Chilean Government in the field of culture. She also represented the Government of Chile in the Cabinet of Ministers and Managers of Culture.

Apart from Chile, she has also lived in the United States, Colombia, Italy, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Her work has also taken her to other countries of Latin America and Europe.

During her stay in Colombia, she belonged to the Women’s International League for Peace and Disarmament and traveled as Delegate of this organization to a meeting in Paris. In San José de Costa Rica (1978-1983) she did a postgraduate study on Human Rights in the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights, whose headquarters were in this city. While living in Rome, she participated in the campaign against the death penalty, driven worldwide by the Catholic Community of San Egidio, which promoted peace in the world through activities that try to identify common themes in the three monotheist religions. In Chile, I became member of OMIDES (Women’s Organization for Disarmament, Integration and Latin American Development).

Currently, together with her activities as a journalist activities, she is President of the Commission of the 50th Anniversary of the Journalist Association in Chile and Head of the Corporación Villa Grimaldi.

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