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International Women’s Day

Dated on 7th March, 2008 pre-celebration of the 8th March was arranged

Wednesday 23 July 2008

By the help of Afghan Women Network’s Provincial office & Young Associations in Peshawar in which the following respected guests participated:

• Mir Mohammad Yousuf “Farahat” First Secretary of Afghan General Consulate in Peshawar followed by

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International Women’s Day 2008

• Project Director/Dean of Ariana University

• Scholars

• Government Official & Non-Government Organizational Representatives

• Heads & Principals of Different Afghan Schools & High Schools

• Members of Young Afghan Women Association

• Afghan Student Council Members as well

• Participants from Futuristic Young Afghan Association

• And different males & females from Different part of professions & life.

Program was held at Continentals Hall the interesting & fortune part was the Exhibition of Young Afghan Artists that captured the eyes of guests and granted more weight to this program.

Sada e Jawan (weekly publication of Young Afghan Women Association)

Reported: The program started officially at 02:00pm with some holy verses of Holy Quran followed by the recitation of the message from Ms. Afifa Azeem (Head of Afghan Women Network) by Ms. Shukria

Yaseeni that included: As I feel very fortuned and lucky to find this time, day to congratulate the international women’s day to all women’s and it is a great day to celebrate it, however in this great day I respect everyone who has come to celebrate the international women’s day with us and I share my love and happiness with them.

Consequently Speeches from Ariana Muhajir High School, Teaching Committee of Afghan Women, Afghan Young Women Association, Futuristic Young Afghan Association, Afghan Student Council & Qalb e Asia Association regarding this day were the focusing point of this Day. Poetry & Anthems about the importance and reality of Women by students gave beauty and attractiveness to the celebrated program.

Lastly the Young Afghan Artist (Adeeb Azizyar) who has the skills to make things from nothing has been another achievement of this program and was the source of that exhibition; he presented a beautiful Tabloid (Painting) for sale the income of which was announced to be given for the poor and needed Afghan Women’s that are the real Assets of our Society

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