Threat Management Solutions for a Secure Business Environment

The business environment today is technologically enhanced with enterprises striving to continuously upgrade their infrastructure. With innovations changing the technology landscape, enterprises have now moved into a digital world. Information stored in digital format include personal staff details, client list, bank accounts, marketing and sales information, etc.

Nevertheless, the global organizations being widely networked and high on online dependency are prone to cyber-attacks. Organizations thus need to deploy security measures and threat management solutions as protective safeguards to cyber threats. An effective threat management solution refers to the actions every organization must take to protect its digital data and network from the omnipresent cyber threats. These actions include various stages of prevention and protection of any form of intrusion into the digital information base. 

However, deployment of these solutions is based on the proper search for IT assets by scanning and monitoring the network infrastructure, which requires a team of professionals dedicated to these activities. Though organizations deploy firewalls to prevent unauthorized intrusions and virus scanners to monitor, filter, quarantine and prevent virus attacks, these are not enough to protect your valuable information. Security monitoring should be holistic and include applications, databases and other critical, high-risk components of the IT infrastructure. All the security information generated by the environment must be aggregated and correlated in real-time. Vulnerability scanning is another preventative action. However, with new IT infrastructure being frequently added, the scanning and research alone do not guarantee successful prevention

Many service providers offer individual threat management solutions that help either security monitoring or IT Compliance or Governance Risk and Compliance. The widely networked clientele, however, look for solutions with end-to-end integration of advanced network control and IT-GRC. The threat management solutions thus need to protect the network and systems through an integrated method rather than handling each threat case separately.

Further, an integrated approach to threat management helps organizations to

1.Solve security challenges such as data leakage, malware analysis, and threat detection.
2.Protect data-centric information from insider threats, through continuous control verification and e-discovery.
3. Handle risk management through proven methodology
4. Carefully monitor data with the help of integrated dashboards to deliver the complete solution for IT Security and Governance, Risk, and Compliance.
5.Bring about an end-to-end automation of security, compliance, audit, and risk management needs of the enterprise. 

Such an advanced threat management solution through real-time networks will provide organizations better visibility into threats and risks from multiple sources making it an end-to-end information security solution with efficiency in security management and greater return on investments.